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I am currently updating/revising a lot of the information on this website.

Some of the pages go back to 2011, are either redundant (or worse, now in conflict with the current rules and interpretations), and can safely be deleted; some pages need updating for current rulebooks, and many need hyperlinks updated.



YET ANOTHER New printing of ISSF rules

Version 1.1 of the 2017 2nd Printing of the ISSF rules is now available from the ISSF web site

Note that there are variations to the ISSF rules for PA competitions and PA competitions until after the 2018 PA Nationals as per the PA Printing>



13-shot Black Powder RO Guide

Following a number of requests, a PA RO Guide for 13-shot Black Powder event has been added to the ‘collection’



Thompson Contender Hammer Block

An NRC Information Sheet> has been added that covers the inspection of the hammer block and Interlock Safety.  Thompson Contenders are used in both Metallic Silhouette and 50m Black Powder.  All safety mechanisms must be operational and these items are to be checked by Equipment Control



‘Plated’ Projectiles

In recent times there have been advertisements for plated projectiles which indicate that such projectiles are   



Air Pistol Cylinders It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that any air or CO2 cylinder is still within its validity date. This may be checked by Equipment Control.

An NRC Information sheet is being prepared to cover this matter at PA competitions.


Chamber Clear Indicators>

The use of CBIs/CCIs will not only make the Range Officers’ task of clearing pistols a lot easier, they will make the fact that the pistol is ‘clear’ obvious to anyone on the range…



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